Abhiṣyandi Dravya

Abhiṣyandi Dravyas are those which clog the Srotas there by causing increase in the Kapha and felling of heaviness of the body.

Uṣṇa Dravya

Uṣṇa Dravyas improve appetire, cause thirst, burning sensation, and sweating in the body. Excessive taking of these drugs may cause unconsciousness. There properties in the Dravyas are ascribed to the preponderance of Agni Mahābhūta.

Kaṭhina Dravya

Kaṭhina Dravyas bring about the hardness and turgidity in the body. They increase Vāta, strengthen the Dhātus and diminish excretions (Malas).

Khara Dravya

Khara Dravyas increase metabolic proesses and Vāta, and decrease deposition of Dhātus (Lekhana). They restrict the formation of Dhātus and dry the Malas and make Dravyas easy for digestion.

Guru Dravya

Guru Dravyas are heavy to digest (Cirapākī) and tend to be phlegmatic (Kaphakāraka). After digestion these Dravyas lead to lack of initiative, increase the rate of production of waste products in the body, accumulation of fat, improve vitality, growth and satisfy the need of growth promoting factors of the hody. Thus generally speaking Dravyas that enrich the body are Guru Dravyas. These properties of Dravyas are ascribed to the preponderance of Pṛthvi and Jala Mahābhūta.

Tīkṣṇa Dravya

Tīkṣṇa Dravyas cause burning sensation in the body, promote suppuration of the abscess and discharge (Srāva). They increase but reduce Kapha and Vāyu in the system and bring about loss of fat thereby making the body thin (Lekhana). These properties in the Dravyas are ascribed to the preponderance of Agni Mahābhūta.

Drava Dravya

Drava Dravyas increase Kapha and Pitta. They increase the water content of the system, absorption and transport of Dhātus and increase as well as excite the fluid secretions of the body (Dravaḥ Kledakaro).

Picchila Dravya

Picchila Dravyas lubricate the system, accelerate the function of Dhātus and increase Kapha. They give energy, stimulate the life process and ensure proper secretion of Mala.

Manda Dravya

Manda Dravyas increase Kapha and decrease Pitta. They increase Dhātus and corpulency and slow down the various processes in body.

Mṛdu Dravya

Mṛdu Dravyas are responsible for bringing about softness of the body and inactivation. They increase Kapha, decrease Pitta, and counteract burning sensation, suppuration and discharge.

Rūkṣa Dravya

Rūkṣa Dravyas are just opposite of the Snigdha Dravyas in their action i.e. they cause roughness, rigidity, and loss of vitality, complexion and virility. These Dravyas generally cause stiffness and hardness in the body, remove phlegm (Kapha) but increase Vāyu. These properties of the Dravyas are ascribed to the preponderace of Pṛthvi, Vāyu and Agni Mahābhūta in them.

Laghu Dravya

Laghu Dravyas are light to digest and remove phlegm from the body, After digestion, these Dravyas lead to increased initiative and vigour, decreased rate of production of waste products and loss of fat. They assist in healing (Ropaṇa) and thinning. These properties in the Dravyas are ascribed to the preponderance of Vāyu, Ākāśa and Agni Mahābhūta.

Viśada Dravya

Viśada Dravyas are responsible for specific action of the organs and counteract the undue formation of slime. They increase Vāta, subdue the activity of Dhātus, increase healing processes (Ropaṇa) and dry the Malas.

Śīta Dravya

Śīta Dravyas alleviate suffering of a patient from heat, thirst, burning sensation, sweating and unconsciousness. These Dravyas restrict the flow of blood locally and systemically. These properties in the Dravyas are ascribed to the preponderance of the Jala Mahābhūta.

Ślakṣṇa Dravya

These Dravyas are responsible for the repair and healing of the tissues in the body. They increase both Kapha and Pitta and stimulate the Dhātus and excretion of Malas.

Sara Dravya

Sara Dravyas excite the metabolism of Vāyu and Malas. They increase Kapha and reduce excessive deposition of Dhātus.

Sāndra Dravya

Sāndra Dravyas increase Kapha and Dhātus. They also concentrate the Malas.

Sūkṣma Dravya

Sūkṣma Dravyas increase Vāta. They clear all the Srotas of the body by their catalytic action (Sūkṣma). They also restrict the for mation of Dhātus, dry the Malas and make Dravyas easy for digestion.

Sthira Dravya

Sthira Dravyas are responsible for normalisation of the processes of Vāyu, urination, excretions (Mala) etc. They also bring about normalcy in the Dhātus, increase Kapha, strengthen the Dhātus and stimulate energy.

Sthūla Dravya

Sthūla Dravyas increase Kapha and Dhātus, and bring about corpulency. They assist in excretion of Malas and cause hampering of the activities of srotas.

Snigdha Dravya

Snigdha Dravyas improve the suppleness in the organs and lubricating fluids in the body. They provide vitality and virility and improve complexion. The properties of the Dravyas are ascribed to the preponderance of Jala Mahābhūta.

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