Āyurveda, with its intrinsic potentialities and close association with the culture and tradition of community having a huge number of practitioners across the country is a great strength to National Healthcare. We have about 4, 75,000 trained and registered Āyurvedic Doctors in the country who are providing health-care, particularly in rural areas. Practice of Āyurveda comes up with many hardships especially when finding solutions with locally available resources, books like ‘Handbook of Domestic Medicine and Common Ayurvedic Remedies’ are designed to cater such needs. The hallmark feature of this book is its collection of information on 74 very common ailments supported with a multitude of treatment solutions in the form of single drugs, compound drugs, external preparation, dietary and lifestyle management.

It is a worth mentioning that NIIMH, Hyderabad published the translations of this book into Telugu and Urdu in the year 2005.

Keeping in view of increasing public demand for print copies and to facilitate the wider dissemination of the work, this institute has designed & prepared e-Book of “Handbook of Domestic Medicine and Common Ayurvedic Remedies” in English.

The e- book is designed to cater the needs of today’s tech savvy generation globally and fully loaded with features like key word search, index search etc.

The unique feature of this e-Book is provision for browsing and selecting the disease in 12 Indian languages (in addition to English) which facilitates for easy search in regional languages by the common public also. I sincerely hope the users will appreciate our efforts and give their valuable feedback to improve upon in its future editions.

I congratulate the efforts of my colleagues who had put in hard work to bring out handy and useful e- book.


Dated: 22-03-2012
Hyderabad-500 095