Hand Book


Handbook of Domestic Medicine and Common Āyurvedic Remedies is one of the most popular publication of CCRAS with three print editions (1978, 1999 and 2005) till date. The original work was a result of collective efforts of a Committee with Vd. C. P. Shukla, Dr. R. S. Singh, Shri Prajapati Joshi and Dr. V. N. Pandey under the Chairmanship of Kvj. Ashutosh Majumdar constituted by Central Council for Research in Indian Medicine and Homoeopathy (CCRIMH). Now the book is available in Hindi, English, Telugu and Urdu languages.

The book has comprehensive information on 74 Common Āyurvedic Diseases and provides vernacular names of diseases, on symptomatology followed by principles of management, single drugs, simple preparations, compound preparations and dietary regimen. It also provides lucid introduction to basic principles of Āyurveda, Svasthavṛtta, Specialities of Āyurveda (Pañcakarma, Rasāyana and Vājīkaraṇa) and six appendices. The book is very useful for physicians, academicians and common people alike. The book also serves as a ready reckoner in clinical practice.

It is heartening to note that the book enjoys wide readership and there is public demand to bring out more copies of it from time to time. Considering the need the Council has entrusted e-Book preparation to NIIMH to disseminate the ancient knowledge treasure to the public at large.

I congratulate the efforts of Dr. Ala Narayana, Director, National Institute of Indian Medical Heritage, Hyderabad and his team for their efforts in bringing out Telugu and Urdu Translations of this book earlier and now the e-Book for the benefit of readers.

I sincerely hope the users will take advantage of the features of the e-Book and appreciate the Council’s efforts in bringing out good literary works and extending the benefits of Āyurveda to the clinicians and general public.

Director General, CCRAS

Dated: 26-03-2012
New Delhi-110 058