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गलगण्ड, गण्डमाला एवं अपची




Regional Name

Asam. : Galagaṇḍa
Beng. : Galagaṇḍa
Dogr. : Gilhara Dirāna
Hind. : Gheṅgā
Kan. : Galaganda
Mra. : Galayācā Ṭhikānī
Panj. : Galagaṇḍa
Tam. : Kaṇḍa Malai
Eng. : Goitre

Appearance of a big or small, defined, glandular swelling which hangs like scrotum in the neck due to enlargement of thyroid gland is known as Galagaṇḍa. This painless swelling increases very slowly and does not suppurate.


Single Drugs

1. Svarasa (juice) of fresh leaf of Nirguṇḍī – 14 to 28 ml is to be taken thrice a day.

2. Powdered root of Śveta Aparājitā (wing leaved clitoria) – 1 to 3 g. is to be taken with 3 to 6 g. ghee thrice a day.

Simple and Compound Preparations

1. Nasya (nasal drops) prepared by contusing root of Nirguṇḍī in 12 to 24 ml. water is to be used twice a day.

2. Equal part of fruit juice of Kośātakī (luffa) and powdered fruit of Pippalī (long pepper) mixed together is to be used as Nasya (snuff) two times a day.

3. Decoction prepared from the bark of Kāñcanāra (white mountain ebony) – 14 to 28 ml. is to be taken thrice a day.

4. Decoction prepared from the root of Varuṇa (three leaved caper) – 14 to 28 ml. is to be taken with 4 to 6 g. honey thrice a day.

5. Make Kalka (paste) of bark of Kāñcanāra (white mountain ebony) – 12 to 24 g. in Taṇḍulodaka (rice washing) – 25 to 100 ml. It is to be taken with 1 g. powdered Śuṇṭhī (dried ginger) thrice a day.

6. Kāñcanāra Guggulu: 2 to 4 Vaṭī is to be taken with warm water thrice a day.

External Applications

1. A Lepa prepared from root of Bhāraṅgī in Taṇḍulodaka (rice washing) is to be applied on the swelling in the neck.


Seeds of Yava (oat) and Mudga (phaseolus bean), leaf of Paṭola (a variety of small cucumber), Kaṭu and Rūkṣa Dravya are the useful articles of diet for the patient of Galagaṇḍa, Patient should be put on sea salt.